ifIClick will represent you correctly and click with your audience


Structured solid back-end development to fit your business needs


click on all channels: email, mobile, social, display, print and beyond

Hawk Denno,
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Tim Happ,
Commander of Digital Media
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Meet the Team

ifIClick is a full service design company based in the Sacramento region of California, one of the most energetic and evolving markets in the world.
We strive to deliver design that goes beyond just getting your audience's attention.

You need to form a bond with your audience.
You need to click.

With more than 30 combined years in the Las Vegas and South Florida markets, the designers and programmers at ifIClick have the experience and talent to get you the results you need. Be it through outdoor advertising, interactive web marketing, direct mail, or complete advertising campaigns, If I Click will help you create that bond with your audience.

Call us today at 916-800-4295916-800-4295 or email info@ificlick.com to let us know how you want to click!